Kevin Mattheus Moerman

Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

About me

I am a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group where I lead the Computational Biomechanics research track. My current research is focused on developing novel computational methods for automated and data-driven design of prosthetic interfaces (see also Moerman et al. preprint).
As part of my research I maintain the open source project GIBBON which is a toolbox for computational (bio)mechanics.

Design framework Socket morphing
Left: Schematic flow of socket design framework. Right: Animation showing morphing of a prosthetic socket design around a virtual limb
The GIBBON project

Short bio

Kevin M. Moerman is a computational (bio)mechanics and computational design expert. His research interests include soft tissue biomechanics, finite element analysis, continuum mechanics, image-based modeling, image-processing, medical device design, mechanobiology and morphogenesis. He holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Bioengineering and a PhD degree on the topic of soft tissue biomechanics (2012, Trinity College Dublin). Kevin joined the MIT Media Lab’s Biomechatronics group in 2015 as post-doctoral associate and became a Research Scientist in 2017 to lead the group's Computational Biomechanics research track. His current focus is on computational modeling for automated subject-specific prosthetic socket design. He also holds a visiting research fellow position at Trinity College Dublin collaborating on computational modeling of soft tissue mechanical behavior. Kevin has shared his work at international conferences and is often involved in the organization of special sessions and workshops. During his academic career he has amassed a wealth of computational tools for image-based modeling and inverse finite element analysis, resulting in the creation of the GIBBON open-source software project.
Kevin currently lives in Newton, MA, USA, with his wife and two sons.
My family
Enjoying a snowy day in Boston with my wife Elizabeth Moloney, and two sons Isaac and Noah