Honors and Awards


The grants descriptions below are a work in progress. More to come soon.

  • NIH R01, 2017
    Co-author, Key person (Research Scientist)

  • Technology Foundation STW (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), 2013
    Co-author, Key person (Post Doctoral Research Fellow)


Award descripion   Organization Date
Biomedal Research Medal. Awarded annually to a PhD student deemed to be making a significant contribution to the field of biomedical engineering research in Ireland. Paper title: “Towards the Non-Invasive Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Living Human Soft Tissue”.   Engineers Ireland 2010
The Royal Academy of Medicine Ireland Bronze Medal. For presenting of the best paper at the conference. Bioengineering in Ireland 15th Annual Conference of the Section of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, (Limerick, Ireland, Feb. 2009). Paper title: “A validation method for motion tracking techniques based on tagged magnetic resonance imaging”   Royal Academy of Medicine Ireland 2009
KIVI Best engineering bachelor degree final thesis of the Netherlands, 3rd prize. Thesis: The Design and Development of an Autonomic Solar Powered, Mobile Concentrate Feeding Robot for the Dairy Industry.   Royal Institution of Engineers in the Netherlands 2005
VSBFonds travel/study scholarship. €7000 award to study abroad. Awarded for pursuing MSc in Bioengineering at Trinity College Dublin.   VSBFonds 2004